Study is a psychology thriller film written, directed by, and starring Paolo Benetazzo in his directorial debut. Paolo Benetazzo (born July 16, 1976) is an Italian film director, screenwriter, producer, editor, actor and visual artist. He’s the founder of film production company ARTtouchesART.

The film comes from a long introspective and experimental work developed over a period of five years. Distinguished by a profound cinematic individualism, it was made on an extremely low budget and was entirely shot by Benetazzo without a film crew. Many scenes were filmed with literally no one behind the camera. You can read more about the making of Study on reviews.

Study has been screened and awarded at several international film festivals. Since its premiere in London in 2012, the film has developed a cult following among fans and audience, due to underground popularity. You can find the film on Twitter and Facebook.